About Volunteering Activity

Annapurna Circuit TrekVolunteering Activity offers the most affordable program providing most affordable price with quality. It is registered with the aim of pure social benefit with the cost 40% cheaper than other International Volunteer organizations. Our programs are safe, highly flexible fulfilling the goals of volunteers. Volunteering Activity provides opportunities to experience the culture and the country you participate ensuring the safety while providing invaluable experience. In addition, Volunteering Activity performs social service by helping different needy communities in Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.

Volunteering Activity is registered in India. We further like to acknowledge that there are many volunteer organizations but these organizations are expensive and more focused on making money than serving humanity. The founders of this organization have a wide ranging experience in Inter-cultural programs, Volunteerism and Social Work / Service. Before establishing this company, the founders have been working with many internationals organizations and received much training, joined work camps, participated seminars and run many camps and mobilized more than 6000 international volunteers.

The program will help and promote young people from various countries to discover, explore, learn and experience the richness and diversity of the cultures’ of the world and more such as glorious history, cultures, traditions, lifestyles, spirituality, cultural expressions, geography, environment, tourism and of course the unique hospitality.

We offer our programs in Delhi, Jaipur, Dharamsala, Palampur, Banglore, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Gale all the year round starting all 4 Mondays of the month. Our host families and residential families are humble, experienced providing an excellent support to make our program unique and excellent.

Our coordinators are very dedicated and hardworking coordinators. These coordinators used to work with Internationals volunteer organizations before we decided to open this company. All the coordinators are well experienced. Volunteers find our coordinators hard working, frank, open-minded, committed, and ready to help. Our coordinators are full time staffs and speak English excellently.
Website for volunteering: www.volunteeringactivity.org